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Why Inspect

5 Reasons When and Why You Need a Home Inspection

NOTE: All Inspections Meet South Carolina Standards of Practice

Pre-Purchase Real Estate Home Inspection

This type of inspection is for the buyer of a home. This inspection takes place once you have chosen a home, and had an offer accepted. This will probably be the biggest investment you make during your lifetime. Having your new home inspected will give you the peace of mind to know exactly what you are investing in. Our detailed report will show any safety hazards, things in need of repair, improper installation, or maintenance issues.

Pre-Listing Real Estate Home Inspection

This type of inspection is for the seller of a home. This inspection would take place before you have an accepted offer on your home. This inspection helps to justify asking price for your home. The report can be made available online for any prospective buyers if you like. Also, this gives you the opportunity to make any necessary repairs that may later be deal breakers. Having an inspection done prior will give you the confidence necessary to get full value out of your home.

New Construction Home Inspection

Phase Construction Inspection: During this inspection we visit three times during the building process. Visits are usually scheduled 1) after foundation is complete, 2) after framing and roof system are complete but before drywall installation, and last 3) before final walk through with builder. This inspection will help make sure you know that your builder is following appropriate code and standards. Foundation is the key component in any building. Inspection pre-drywall will make sure everything is done properly before walls are covered and no longer visible. Then the final to ensure that all finish work is done properly and everything properly installed. With this type of inspection you will have peace of mind from beginning to end of a generally stressful construction experience

Pre-Drywall Inspection: This inspection is done right before drywall is hung. At this point in the building process we are able to see all framing, electrical, plumbing, etc. This inspection gives us a host of information that otherwise we would not be available once walls are covered.

Final Walk Through Home Inspection: This type of inspection is performed at the end of the construction process as close to but before final inspection with your builder. We like to perform this inspection toward the days before your final walk through with your builder. At this time, most of the work should be complete and almost everything installed. This will give you an idea of what to expect from your new home. You will also be able to get some of those punch list items taken care of before you move in.

Pre-Warranty Home Inspection

This type of inspection is performed on new homes in the 11th month prior to expiration of your warranty. When purchasing a new home you have a warranty from the builder for 1 year by law. This will help ensure that when your warranty expires that you know you are having the builder fix anything that may not be so evident. Also, this inspection will make dealing with your builder easier because you will be properly informed of anything in need of attention.

Annual Maintenance Inspection

This type of inspection can be completed at any time. We will inspect your home searching for maintenance issues. Some maintenance needs to be performed more often than others. We will ensure that you are aware and able to make a maintenance schedule that suits your home to get the longest life out of your equipment. Properly maintained equipment can improve energy costs. We will also address any minor maintenance issues so that they don’t become bigger issues.