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About Your Inspector

Michael Jones has proudly worked in the construction industry for over 20 years. He has been on all sides of a home purchase, including being the home builder. Michael has built numerous homes from start to finish. He has the experience you look for in an inspector as a previous professional home remodeler. To add to his list of qualifications, Michael has also been a project manager, contractor, and sub-contractor. He has worked on projects ranging from new construction all the way to homes that are over 100 years old. Michael he has sold numerous homes —from new construction to fully remodeled— and understands where you are in your home buying process having been a buyer on several personal real estate transactions himself.

Michael also owns a successful Drywall & Paint company that has been servicing new construction and remodels for over a decade. All of this experience combined gives Michael the knowledge to give you a quality home inspection.


Buying a new home can be a scary process, whether it's your first purchase or not. Having been on both the buying and selling side of the home process, Mike understands the stresses that come from the home inspection. Therefore, he is fully commited to providing you with his most professional opinion and to make sure that the enitre process is performed quickly, accurately and to ensure your peace of mind while making the big decision of buying or selling a home.

You Can Count On Us To:

  •    Understand the Real Estate Transaction
  •    Perform Inspections When You Need Them
  •    Provide Reports Home Buyers Can Easily Understand
  •    Be Avaialbe After the Inspection to Answer Questions