a genesis home inspection

The purchase of a home will probably be the largest investment you ever make. Your home should be a place for security and peace of mind. Allow us to provide you with an analysis of the homes condition in an easy to read report format.

For more information on why you should have a home inspection, click the link below.

Why a Home Inspection

Pre-Purchase or Pre-Listing

Size of Home (square feet) Price
0 - 1,250 $245.00
1,251 - 2,000 $295.00
2,001 - 3,000 $345.00
3,001- 4,000 $395.00
Additional Square Footage $.25/sf
Duplex $100.00

New Construction

Type of Inspection Price
(up to 3,500 sf.)
Final Walk Through
(up to 3,500 sf.)
Phased Construction $350.00


Size of Home (square feet) Price
0 - 3,500 $250.00


Type (one per customer) Price
Military ($30.00)
Senior Citizen ($25.00)


Type of Add-On Price
Crawl Space $50.00
Duplex $80.00
Homes More Than 40 Years Old $40.00
Homes More Than 70 Years Old $85.00
Detached Buildings Call for Price
Re-Inspection Fee $110.00 (minimum)



Type of Testing Price
Water: Bacteria, Lead, Chemical $180.00
Septic $100.00
Radon $175.00
Mold (4 samples recommended) $75.00 / sample
Allergen $80.00 / allergen
Chinese Drywall $300.00
All tests performed by Genesis Home Inspections are sent to a professional lab for processing and results. Some of these tests may be required by a lending organization, others requested for peace of mind. Feel free to give us a call to discuss which, if any, of these services you would like performed or are being required by your lending institution.